In order to acknowledge the unsigned talent in this industry we have compiled a list of the most impressive demos received to date. For one reason or another we did not sign them, but we hope that some recognition of their work will encourage them to pursue and obtain the appropriate solution for their needs.

A very impressive CD. Well presented and good quality recordings, this demo was well received in the office. We wish these guys lots of luck and suggest you check them out.
St Lucrece of Golgotha St Lucrece of Golgotha
The most originally presented demo we have received. This came to us in a lavishly decorated box with packaging like we've never seen. Very impressive and eye-catching.

If there any errors or you wish to have your band removed please tell us. If you are one of the recommended bands above click here for the Chemical Emissions recommended artist seal for your website.

Meanwhile, These are a few of the favourite things the folks in the office are currently listening to, reading, looking at, etc.

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