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Solo artist from the Summer Land. Former founding member of LAND. Bloob dabbles in music and dabbles well, drawing from Gothic roots his music represents a schizophrenic look at life and the feelings encountered in it.



Punk rock combo. Abusing our ears with tales of life in society 2K.


The Progeny of Angels

This darkly Gothic/Industrial act present you with a myriad of atmospheres and experiences. Pleasure and Pain, catchy riffs and acquired tastes, Yin and Yang.



Now disbanded. A folk-pop act who graced our ears in the late nineties. This website is the only known web presence and remains as a reminder of what was and might have been.

Failte na Marbh

Gothic and surf jewellery and accessories. Ornaments and ritual tools.

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Record Labels & Companies Guide

Info on the majors, independents, and everything in between.

Record Labels that Sell Direct via the Net

A comprehensive guide to record labels that sell online.


Chemical Emissions Independent Record Label